Aluminium extrusion for LED strip – Plasterboard flush mount single sided

Plasterboard flush mount aluminium extrusion blends seamlessly into plasterboard walls


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These professional quality extruded aluminum channels are an excellent way to install LED strips/ribbons. In addition to protecting the LED strips/ribbons from damage, the aluminum channel and diffuse cover also add to the aesthetics of the installation, resulting in a more sleek, modern “finished” appearance. (To provide more protection against water, consider installing IP65 or higher LED tape in the extrusions depending on application.)

Our extrusions are available in 1m or 2m lengths as standard. You can simply cut the extrusion the length you require using a hack saw.

Popular applications include: in-cabinet, bookshelves, display cases, etc. The extrusions can be butted up together to give a continuous effect.