Our backlight panels with louver reflectors combine stylish design with optimum light distribution and full glare control.



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Our edge lit panel light is available in 600 x 600 and 1200 x 300 configurations, featuring a high efficiency of 115 lm/w they are an ideal replacement for traditional 3x24W HO T5 and 3x18W T8 fluorescent louvre luminaires.


30W (35W also available)90 degree beam angle
3465 - 3955 Lumens595mm x 595mm x 28mm
IP40 Ingress ProtectionColor temperature: 4000K
Up to 50,000 hours of useCertified for NZ installation

With a UGR glare index <13 the light is easy on the eyes and suitable for office, classroom, meeting room, labs etc.